Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you pronounce "infünitx"?
  2. It is pronounced as "inf-uni-tick". If it is hard to write or read a umlaut, we use just a "u" like "infuintx". It is a coined word from the followings:
    • infinity
    • unity
    • tick
    • ':' (a colon in time display which is designed as Umlaut)

  3. How do you draw such infinite clocks?
  4. We use a famous fractal object the Mandelbrot set. Although the set itself has nothing to do with drawing texts for logo design nor time display, we use a technique known as a "trap". Traps are usually used to add organic or abstract flavors to fractal images. Whereas drawing texts adds an artificial flavor in a sense. We searched thousands of fractal images, but were not able to find any preceding example of that. Thus we think this is the unique feature of our application. (If you know a preceding published work, please let us know. Our e-mail address is shown on iTunes)

  5. I turned off 24 hour format. How do I know AM/PM?
  6. The blinking style of the period indicates that. If it distinctly repeats ON/OFF, it is AM. If it just changes brightness, it is PM.

  7. I don't understand the difference among the four power saving modes.
  8. First, the process of drawing the fractal clock pattern requires CPU power most. In the "Off" mode, the application always tries to draw the clock pattern, so it consumes the battery most. In other three modes, the application sometimes draws a fixed pattern where time displays are replaced with the fixed word "infünitx", and thus saves the power: In the "Flex" mode, the application draws the clock pattern only when the device is plugged. In the "Lite" mode, the application always draws the fixed pattern. Also in the "Eco" mode, it always draws the fixed pattern, but when the device is unplugged, the fixed pattern stops blinking.

  9. After exiting the program, sometimes the response of my iPhone or iPod touch gets worse.
  10. This application requires a lot of memories. Thus while or after running the program, the device's response may get worse. If you have a newer model of iPhone/iPod touch, you may notice that less often.

  11. How can I take a screenshot?
  12. The latest version of infünitx has an HTTP server function (It is provided via In-App purchase). After starting the server on Preferences panel, visit the URL shown with a browser on your Mac/Windows. You can dowload screenshots directly to your PC.
    Otherwise, press Sleep button while holding Home button. A PNG file is saved in "Camera Roll" or "Saved Photos" folder of Photos app. If you are using Windows, when you connect iPhone/iPod touch via USB, a folder will appear under "My Computer" and you can copy from it. Please note that sometimes it is automatically converted into JPEG during import.

  13. Are you going to support other types of fractal objects?
  14. Yes. It is in our plan. Below is an example of Julia sets.

fractal infunitx julia